Epic Birthday Celebrations


Throughout much of human history, people didn’t celebrate their birthdays.

“Historically, only emperors and saints — you know, the big ones — celebrated birthdays,” said William J. Doherty, a professor of family social science at the University of Minnesota. Fast forward to modern day times, and certainly birthdays are not limited to the rulers of the land. Everyone celebrates!

Here at Chukka Trails & Travel, we love a reason to celebrate. Birthdays are an amazing milestone! What better excuse to pamper yourself and celebrate another year of life by celebrating solo, or with that special someone or family and friends!

Don’t know what to do?  No problem, leave it up to us! We will detail just a few of the epic celebration options we have here on the island.

1. Book a Birthday Getaway in a Boutique Hotel or Private Villa

Photo Credit: Round Hill Hotel & Villas

You could make your birthday a multiple-day occasion by booking a luxurious stay at a boutique hotel. These small properties offer you an indulgent, private and exclusive getaway – so no need to worry about the crowdy beaches or restaurants.

Better yet, escape to your own private villa where your own personal staff will cater to the needs of you and your guests. Meals are prepared and served right there in the comfort of your private villa home. Most villas even have their own private pools and access to a beach.

Sharing this moment with family and friends makes it even more memorable.

2. Book Yourself a Birthday Spa Day

Photo Credit: KiYara Spa at The Cliff Hotel

Sometimes life gets overwhelmingly stressful and there’s nothing better than taking an entire day to relax. You need some pampering, so book that rejuvenating spa day with us. A day or even a few hours in one of our world-class spas across the island will leave you beaming and refreshed. Their secret is in the preparation – many use local plants and herbs to make their own signature aromatic scrubs, soaks and massage oils which are simply unforgettable. Enjoy the day in your own company or make it a day with friends/family.

3. Charter Your Private Catamaran Birthday Cruise

Photo Credit: Chukka Ocean Outpost at Sandy Bay

Enjoy a private catamaran cruise with family and friends to celebrate your BIG day – bask in the sunshine by day or set sail in the cool of the afternoon towards the sunset.

Board your vessel from the shoreline of your hotel and sail into the glistening waters of the Caribbean Sea to enjoy snorkeling amongst the sea life followed by some refreshing rum punch while enjoying the sounds of the latest Reggae songs. In the mood for an evening of elegance? Then watch the sun closing in on another day as it reflects off the water and you toast champagne with your guests on this special occasion. Either way, certainly some picture-perfect moments.

4. Book Your Birthday Dinner Party in a Great House

Photo Credit: Rose Hall Great House

Celebrate another year of life amongst the grandeur and centuries of history in one of the island’s exclusive great houses. A symbol of opulence; these great houses were a seat of authority on the estates they owned. Filled with tales and artifacts of the plantation era, make your mark in its history by dining on one of the many lavish lawn spaces or inside its revered architecture.

5. Book Your Jamaican Birthday Brunch

Photo Credit: BM Experiences

Jamaica is known for many wonderful attributes. Come for the sun but stay for the savoury cuisine. Enjoy your favourite delicacies or try something new during a birthday brunch with friends and family. You are bound to have a great time while having your palate satisfied.

Remember, birthdays come only once per year so live it up and enjoy every yearly milestone!

6. Turn Up Your Birthday After-Party! Island Style

Photo Credit: The Cliff Hotel

Jamaicans love a good party, and music is the lifeline of all our celebrations! Make your birthday party celebration epic with a selection of breath-taking and unique locations – whether right on the ocean with the warmth of a bonfire on your face, or in the privacy of a cliffside cave. Consider taking the party to the streets at one of our vibrant local nightclubs. It’s sure to be a night you and your guests won’t forget!

With far more ways to spend your special day, be sure to connect with a Chukka Trails & Travel Destination Specialist to make your birthday travel wishes come true.