Top 5 Benefits to a Villa


Top 5 Benefits to a Villa

Private Villa Anyone? Explore the benefits of staying in a villa accommodation…

Photo Credit: Round Hill Hotel & Villas, Montego Bay Jamaica
Photo Credit: Round Hill Hotel & Villas, Montego Bay Jamaica

Private Villas, over the years have become a staple in the accommodation industry. One may ask, why? And this is simple – because of the convenience and luxury that are associated with them. Seeing that these vacation homes offer exclusivity and personal touch that other accommodation options can’t, many travellers have chosen to spend their holiday getaway in these fabulous properties.


Thinking of jetting off to Jamaica with your family or group of friends, then this is the perfect getaway accommodation that offers personalized service, togetherness, and exclusivity. Better yet, book a few nearby villas so everyone can join in the fun. It’s an ideal meeting place for a group to get together or for a social retreat. Villas allow each person to have their own private sleeping quarters as well as the ability to gather and socialize in the common areas of the villa without thinking about disturbing other persons or having other persons in your space.

Complete Comfort

Imagine waking up and walking down to the dining area in your PJs. That is the ultimate comfort. Villa accommodation offers a home-away-from-home ambiance. This allows guests to revel in sophistication amidst scenic surroundings, while also enjoying an ultra-comfortable stay. As vacation homes, private villas are complete with state-of-the-art facilities such as a well-designed living area, a well-equipped kitchen, spacious dining areas, and beautifully landscaped garden areas.


Another perk of staying in a private villa is its exclusivity. Private Villas are nestled in complete isolation, away from the hustle and bustle of everyday life. Booking these accommodations means that you and your party or group will have the property to yourself. No need to worry about bumping into persons you don’t know or sitting at a teppanyaki table with strangers. You can enjoy all the villa first-rate amenities, some of which include an infinity pool, a fitness gym, a private spa room, private kitchen facilities, open aired and in door dining, lawn spaces and much more!

Dedicated Staff

Each private villa usually has its own dedicated staff who caters to the guests of the accommodation. The staffing usually includes a private chef, housekeeper, personal butler/concierge and some villas have a villa manager. The same staff caters to your needs every day until the end of the stay, and as such will be better able to serve the individual needs of each guest. Taking notes of your preferences and making your stay memorable and unforgettable is all part of the villa standard.

Personalized Experience

Guest staying at a villa has access to all the villa staff and they cater to their needs and ensure they have a personalized experience. The chef or housekeeping staff is able to prepare your favourite meals based on your eating trends or the housekeeper will put your favourite shampoo in based on the feedback you give. You and your travelling party will all receive personalized attention from the staff, promising an extraordinary holiday experience.

Consider these tips when booking your next vacation trip to Jamaica. Our My Trails & Travel Destination Sales Specialists are right on hand to help you choose the perfect villa for you and your travelling party.